Outright World Records

500 m Men R. Douglas
500 m Women  C.Consorti 50.43kn
Nautical Mile Men Hydroptere 50.17kn
Nautical Mile Women Z. Davis 34.74kn

Hall of Fame

karin.jpgKarin Jaggi is the most successful womens windsurfer in history, and raised the 10m class outright record after 12 years from 40.05 to 41.25 knots.
National Records: Hungary
500 m Men Z. Lenkei
500 m Women  n/a n/a
Nautical Mile Men n/a n/a
Nautical Mile Women n/a n/a

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Rankings 2010

  • IKA Overall Women

    1. M. Gil, USA
    2. C. Consorti, FRA
    3. S. Bredenkamp, RSA
    4. J. Grobbelaar, GBR
    5. Caroline Adrien, FRA

  • ISWC Overall Women

    1. Z. Davis, GBR
    2. F. Aubert, FRA
    3. M. Auge, FRA
    4. B. Hoefer, GER
    5. S. Wahl, GER

  • ISWC Overall Men

    1. A. Bringdal, SWE
    2. M. Ogier, GBR
    3. B. Dunkerbeck, SUI
    4. D. Garrel, LUX
    5. B. Moussilmani, FRA

  • IKA Overall Men

    1. Alex Caizergues, FRA
    2. Sylvain Hoceini, FRA
    3. Rob Douglas, USA
    4. D. Williams, GBR
    5. D. Leroy, USA

Rider of the day

Nicky Van Hoof BEL

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Approved Worldcup Spots

Walvis Bay, NAM


Spot Record: 44.35 knots
Bjorn Dunkerbeck, ESP, 2004 



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David Garrel wins in Grussian PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 April 2012

 Belgian Speed week sponsored by Fanatic, North and Sonntag has finished. It is also the first event of the ISWC European Championship tour 2012. The event is held in Grussian south of France which has a reputation for beautiful beaches and strong Tramontana winds this time of year is a fantastic opener for the tour.

Active Image David Garrel (LUX) wins for the 2nd year running in Grussian.

David the current ISWC European speed windsurfing champion. Stamped his authority on this event and is clearly setting out to take the title fora second year.

Reports from the organiser Patrick Van Hoof

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Today was the first day of the first competition day of the Belgian Speed week. In the morning the wind was between 12 and 14 knots. It was clearly not enough for the competition so the organisers opened a fun race for the riders to practice from 11 until 16 o'clock.

Unfortunately around 13 o'clock the wind died completely and all the riders came of the water.
Luckily the sun did its best to keep everyone happy, it was around 22 degrees. The
weather-forecast doesn't look so good for Wednesday, Thursday But for Friday they expect a new tramontana. Let's hope that this will bring some wind.

Day Two It was a day like it should be every day. Sunny, windy (22-27 knots) and a group of  motivated speed sailors.
They started the first heat at 11.30, 90 minutes sailing and then one hour break. Unfortunately the wind dropped, they held he new skippers meeting and put the riders standby until 15.45, when the wind came back, around 18- 23 knots.   Unfortunately again after one hour the wind went back down and the race officer ended the race.   The results are in, they had two counting rounds.

 Round one

1st  :David Garrel ( Current Euopean Champion)
2nd :Thorsten Mallon
3rd :Patrick Van Hoof 

Round two

1st :David Garrel
2nd :Patrick Van Hoof
3rd :Thorsten Mallon

Last Day

One more counting round on the last day. A fantastic 3rd bullet for David Garrel gives him the clear overall win. 2nd place was Thorsten Mallon which secures his 2nd place overall and 3rd place, giving him 3rd overall was Patrick Van Hoof. Prize giving was this afternoon with prizes from North Fanatic and Sonntag.

Full results to follow.


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