Outright World Records

500 m Men R. Douglas
500 m Women  C.Consorti 50.43kn
Nautical Mile Men Hydroptere 50.17kn
Nautical Mile Women Z. Davis 34.74kn

Hall of Fame

dunki2.pngBjorn Dunkerbeck is the most successful professional windsurfer of all times, and still chasing for new records.
National Records: Canada
500 m Men S. Stephan 30.37kn
500 m Women  J. Parker 22.86kn
Nautical Mile Men n/a n/a
Nautical Mile Women n/a n/a

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Rankings 2010

  • IKA Overall Women

    1. M. Gil, USA
    2. C. Consorti, FRA
    3. S. Bredenkamp, RSA
    4. J. Grobbelaar, GBR
    5. Caroline Adrien, FRA

  • ISWC Overall Women

    1. Z. Davis, GBR
    2. F. Aubert, FRA
    3. M. Auge, FRA
    4. B. Hoefer, GER
    5. S. Wahl, GER

  • ISWC Overall Men

    1. A. Bringdal, SWE
    2. M. Ogier, GBR
    3. B. Dunkerbeck, SUI
    4. D. Garrel, LUX
    5. B. Moussilmani, FRA

  • IKA Overall Men

    1. Alex Caizergues, FRA
    2. Sylvain Hoceini, FRA
    3. Rob Douglas, USA
    4. D. Williams, GBR
    5. D. Leroy, USA

Rider of the day

Thomas Priesmeyer, GER

Approved Worldcup Spots

Port St. Louis, FRA


Spot Record: 46.88 knots
Hydroptere, FRA, 2008



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Event Report and Full results from 1st round of the EuropeanTour, Belgium PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Garrel and Van Hoof lead the European Championships but not the Van Hoof you think.

The final results from the 1st round of the 2011 European Speed Tour is in from the Belgium National Championships held in Gruissan France.

David Garrel from France and Nicky Van Hoof from Belgium lead the European Tour Championship after the first round. It came down to one heat of racing after moving location to get a counting round in. 

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Active Image  

ISWC ranking after the 1st round of the European Championship Tour, Click here

Read the full event report From Patrick Van Hoof

Sunday, 17th of April 2011, registration day for the Fanatic Belgian Speed Week.

Despite the bad weather forecast we had  51 enthusiastic entries that arrived on the beach at Gruissan for the start of the competition.

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Monday , first race day, the wind strength was good, but the direction was onshore and there were waves of 2 meters.   The race officer decided that we couldn't guarantee the safety of the riders, so he  cancelled the race for that day.

Here is a link to video that was taken on the Monday http://vimeo.com/22910979 !!!

Tuesday the race officer decided to move the event to an inland location at Marin to get flatter water conditions but the wind was not very strong, around 14 knots.  So we planned a fun slalom race. 14 riders were ready to join the fun race but when the course was all set up the wind dropped to 8 knots, so racing was called off for the day 

Active Image

Wednesday, the wind wasn't that strong but we opened the course. If the speed was high enough it would be official. The wind gods were with us and the wind increased and we had a counting round!

Thursday the wind was very light and the forecast was poor so racing was cancelled for the day. Friday, today they announced a lot of wind, but when we arrived on the spot we saw immediately that it was not the wind they had promised. The race officer decided to keep everybody on hold. From the boats we got the message that the wind was between 15 and 25 knots, with wind shifts of 45°. They changed the course 3 times ! At 2 O’clock (14.00) the race officer gave the sign that the competition was over. There was still not enough wind, it was good for some free sailing but not for a competition. 30 minutes later we saw that it was a good decision because the wind dropped completely. At 17.00 o’clock we had prize giving, with a lot of great equipment given by FANATIC and SONNTAG Fins. It felt good when we received compliments from several riders about the organization of the event, It was a pity that there was not more races, but that’s windsurfing.  

Pictures from the event are available http://picasaweb.google.com/Marjon10000/201104BKSpeedMap1

Final Results of the Belgian National Championships Click here


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