Outright World Records

500 m Men R. Douglas
500 m Women  C.Consorti 50.43kn
Nautical Mile Men Hydroptere 50.17kn
Nautical Mile Women Z. Davis 34.74kn

Hall of Fame

dunki2.pngBjorn Dunkerbeck is the most successful professional windsurfer of all times, and still chasing for new records.
National Records: Great Britain
500 m Men D. Williams 44.78kn
500 m Women  J. Grobbelaar 38.18kn
Nautical Mile Men D. White 39.97kn
Nautical Mile Women Z. Davis 34.74kn

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Rankings 2010

  • ISWC Overall Men

    1. A. Bringdal, SWE
    2. M. Ogier, GBR
    3. B. Dunkerbeck, SUI
    4. D. Garrel, LUX
    5. B. Moussilmani, FRA

  • IKA Overall Women

    1. M. Gil, USA
    2. C. Consorti, FRA
    3. S. Bredenkamp, RSA
    4. J. Grobbelaar, GBR
    5. Caroline Adrien, FRA

  • IKA Overall Men

    1. Alex Caizergues, FRA
    2. Sylvain Hoceini, FRA
    3. Rob Douglas, USA
    4. D. Williams, GBR
    5. D. Leroy, USA

  • ISWC Overall Women

    1. Z. Davis, GBR
    2. F. Aubert, FRA
    3. M. Auge, FRA
    4. B. Hoefer, GER
    5. S. Wahl, GER

Rider of the day

Daniel Aeberli, SUI

Approved Worldcup Spots

Port St. Louis, FRA


Spot Record: 46.88 knots
Hydroptere, FRA, 2008



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Luderitz Registration Open PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 April 2012

Luderitz Speed Challenge, World Record Attempt has been announced.


The 2012 Luderitz World Speed Sailing attempt will take place over 6 weeks with Windsurfers running from 5th of November to the 2nd of December and Kitesurfer’s 3rd December to the 16th December.


 Entries are open but will be very limited due to limited space on the shuttle vehicles that will be constantly ferrying competitors from the end of the speed strip back to the start line. Many Top riders have already signed up including the international Mistral team including Anders Bringdal, Farrel Oshea, Andrea Baldini and Zara Davis. They have all competed at the site before but not at the new course which has been created over two years.  It has been dug out approximately 300m metres inland from the original course, creating a better angle for the wind and with less wind shadows. The organisers are confident that the new course will take the overall record of 55.65 knots higher and take Windsurfers over the 50 knot barrier for the 1st time.   For further information and registrations please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Active Image Active Image

About the site: THE LUDERITZ SPEED challenge has 45 National Records and 6 World Records to its name.


It has taken the Organisers almost 2 years to prepare for the 2012 event in order to ensure that the sport of speed sailing will continue to progress and higher speeds achieved. A new tried and tested canal will bring new speed sailing records for both windsurfers and kitesurfers.


History of the Event – Official Average Speeds recorded over 500m:


2007 - The very first run made officially was 44 knots and within 4 weeks 48 knots was recorded.

2008 - A dam of sandbags was built for a flatter water surface and 50 knots was achieved.

2009 - A channel was built inside the bay for the 1st time and higher speeds were achieved in less wind - 51 knots.

2010 - A new channel was built in the bay with a better angle and the top speed hit 55.6 knots.


In 2011 a huge project was undertaken to dig a canal 300 meters away from the lagoon.


The organizers held a private event and a few select riders were invited to test the new canal in order to make modifications and improvements to ensure top speeds in the safest environment.

The result was faster times with less wind and the following improvements:


      Competitors could race anytime of the day without the canal being tide dependant.

      Not having to waste valuable wind time tacking upwind to the start line again (a shuttle was provided at the end of the speed strip).

      The water depth was constantly maintained throughout the length of the run, facilitating the official ratification of the WSSRC.


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