Outright World Records

500 m Men R. Douglas
500 m Women  C.Consorti 50.43kn
Nautical Mile Men Hydroptere 50.17kn
Nautical Mile Women Z. Davis 34.74kn

Hall of Fame

sjoukje.jpgSjoukje Bredenkamp has set the bar to an incredible 45.20 knots in 2008, beating her own previous record by almost 3 knots.
National Records: Denmark
500 m Men T. Christensen 42.31kn
500 m Women  E. Stub 25.34kn
Nautical Mile Men n/a n/a
Nautical Mile Women n/a n/a

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Rankings 2010

  • IKA Overall Women

    1. M. Gil, USA
    2. C. Consorti, FRA
    3. S. Bredenkamp, RSA
    4. J. Grobbelaar, GBR
    5. Caroline Adrien, FRA

  • IKA Overall Men

    1. Alex Caizergues, FRA
    2. Sylvain Hoceini, FRA
    3. Rob Douglas, USA
    4. D. Williams, GBR
    5. D. Leroy, USA

  • ISWC Overall Men

    1. A. Bringdal, SWE
    2. M. Ogier, GBR
    3. B. Dunkerbeck, SUI
    4. D. Garrel, LUX
    5. B. Moussilmani, FRA

  • ISWC Overall Women

    1. Z. Davis, GBR
    2. F. Aubert, FRA
    3. M. Auge, FRA
    4. B. Hoefer, GER
    5. S. Wahl, GER

Rider of the day

Owen Kitchin, RSA

Approved Worldcup Spots

Port St. Louis, FRA


Spot Record: 46.88 knots
Hydroptere, FRA, 2008



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ISWC Speed Windsurfing Worlds 2009: Final Report PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 August 2009

kaprapthosworlds09.jpgA spectacular event came to an end today with the price giving held directly at the beach in front of the Pro Center Chris Schill. Finian Maynard (BVI) and Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) are the world champions 2009.

After 7 rounds of speedsailing action, giving two discards for the fleet from all over the world, Karpathos proved another time to be the perfect venue for high wind windsurfing.

The event opened with an early skippersmeeting to get used of the day with the best forecast of the whole week, and the race committee sent the fleet out to the first race at 9:00. Finian Maynard proved from the first moment that he is back and got his first bullet of the event.

The second round, again consisting of a silver and gold fleet leg commenced in the afternoon, and still the sailors were not released. The race committee went for a full fleet start late in the afternoon and sent out all 50 riders from 16 nations on the water. The second bullet for Maynard, and a spectacular scenery for the spectators on the beach.

The biggest surprise on this strong wind day was Dirk Jan Knol (NED, Loft Sails), winning the second round of the day with the events top speed of 41.17 knots.

The next day saw standard Karpathos conditions, with good thermal winds and another two rounds dominated by Finian who clearly took the lead.

Day three brought another windy day on the beaches of Karpathos and another full round and the first hal of round seven, before the wind died down and the riders were released. On day four the seventh round was completed with the gold fleet race, the fifth victory for Finian and a perfect score of 3.5 points after two discards. The lighter winds only allowed for the 8th silver round but his round could not be completed on the final day of competiton, as the wind never got strong enough.

In second place overall came last years world champion Antoine Albeau (FRA), with one victory and two second places ahead of Anders Bringdal (SWE, who also scored constant top five places. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Starboard, Severne) in fourth then and rookie HansKreisel (NED) in fifth position.

In the womens fleet it was a "one women show" for Valerie Ghibaudo, with 8 (!) consecutive victories throughout the week. Clearly in second also Marion Raisi (FRA) with 8 second places. The battle for place three was close then between Marie-Paule Geldhof (BEL) and Birgit Hoefer (GER), with the better end for the Belgium newcomer. (Note: the attached pdf has an error in the top speed and the positions of place 3 and 4 are changed).


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